Images Of Rihanna Pregnant

A Bunch Of Images Of Rihanna Pregnant And Her Mogul Boyfriend Asap Rocky

Images Of Rihanna Pregnant Expecting Her First Child With Asap Rocky

Congratulations Rihanna And Rocky Is Pregnantly Awaiting Their First Child

It’s crazy, even though fans knew she was pregnant since November when she wore the Michael dress, she’s been isolating the pregnancy for month after month. People started sharing images of Rihanna pregnant and commented about how she’s avoiding the subject of being pregnant. She never formally denied being pregnant, but said things like “you guys try to get me pregnant every month,” and she didn’t say she’s pregnant either.

Therefore, we shouldn’t expect new music anytime soon. The reason we can confirm this is that images of Rihanna pregnant with rapper Asap Rocky in his Harlem, NY neighborhood on Friday, January 28th, 2022 have been circulating. Her coat was open and her belly was visible, so it was very clear she was pregnant. Yeah, so huge belly seems like 2nd or 3rd trimester.

Images Of Rihanna PregnantImages Of Rihanna PregnantImages Of Rihanna Pregnant








With the star being so private about her pregnancy, it isn’t hard to imagine why these images of Rihanna pregnant made such a huge splash. People are loving the idea of her being pregnant and having a baby. Even if she was not wealthy and famous, people would be excited that she found someone to make a family with.

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